Kalinichenko D.V.


Evolution of structure and physical properties of silicon stimulated by a magnetic field
01.04.07 – solid state physics
Doctor of Philosophy degree (Candidate of science in Physics and Mathematics)

Thesis is devoted to the study of changes in structural, magnetic, electrophysical and micromechanical characteristics of the silicon crystals used for the needs of the microelectronics and solar energy under the influence of magnetic fields, low-energy X-rays, ultrasound, deformation.
Experimentally there was contacted communication between the action of external influence factors and the state of paramagnetic centers in silicon crystals for microelectronics. There was found enrichment effect by impurities of silicon surface due to magnetic treatment. This effect is enhanced in the presence of dislocations.
A physical model for the restructuring mechanism of silicon defect-impurity subsystem was proposed.
There was shown that both separate action of technological treatments (X-ray, ultrasound) and their combining with magnetic influence leads to the evolution of the structure and physical characteristics (half-width of the diffraction curves, SPV decay kinetics ) of silicon crystals for microelectronics.
It was established that the initiating with magnetic action changes in the kinetics of photoconductivity decay and decay of SPV in silicon crystals for solar energy correlate with changes in the defect-impurity and charge state of the surface and near surface layers.
Keywords: silicon, dislocations, impurities, structural perfection, the silicon surface, a weak magnetic field, deformation, cavitation, X-rays, photoconductivity, SPV.

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