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Welcome to the Physical Faculty’s web-site!

Physical Faculty is one of the oldest faculties of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (University). From the very beginning, when our university was just created in 1833 to the order of the Emperor of Russia Nikolai I as a Saint Vladimir Emperor’s University, the Physical-Mathematical Branch was affiliated within the Philosophical faculty of the University. Later, in 1940 the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics was divided into the Physical Faculty and the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. Later on, in 1952, the Radiophysical Faculty was separated out of the Physical Faculty.

There are a lot of famous names associated with the history of our Faculty. Many well-known scientists studied and worked here at different times. The following theorists and experimentalists, such as O.S. Davydov, M.M. Bogoliubov, O.Z. Golik, M.U. Bilyi, S.K. Vsekhsviatskyi, M.O. Kozyriev, K.B. Tolpygo, S.I. Pekar, B.Y. Loshkarev, M.V. Pasichnyk, O.F. Nimets’, O.I. Leipuns’kyi, I.S. Gorban’, A.M. Fedorchenko etc., lectured and worked at our Faculty. Many of them have established new scientific schools and institutions in the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

About 94 professors and more than 30 leading scientists from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine work and lecture at the Physical Faculty today. Among the Faculty’s professors there are 1 academician and 2 corresponding members of the NASU, 33 full professors and 40 associate professors. More than 700 students and about 80 graduate students study at the Faculty.

The Faculty conducts scientific activities within 10 research labs with more than 140 research fellows and engineers. At the Faculty, 41 doctors of sciences and 127 candidates of sciences are employed.

Annually, more then 10 candidate’s and doctor’s theses are defended at the Faculty. Our scientists publish about 300 articles per year in professional scientific journals in Ukraine and abroad.

The Faculty consists of 10 chairs, has a scientific library, IT centre, educational computer classes, optical and fitting workshops.

Physical Faculty actively takes part in international collaboration and conducts joint research with other leading universities and institutes in Ukraine and abroad. A striking example of international cooperation is our virtual X-ray and γ-observatory “VIRGO”. Besides, the Faculty supports the Ukrainian students’ branches of noted international societies such as OSA (American Optical Society) and SPIE (International Society of Optical Engineers).

Every year several international scientific conferences on different topics of physics are conducted at our Faculty, including the conferences for students, postgraduate students and young scientists.
Our graduating students regularly get offers for jobs and further education at the leading scientific-research institutions, universities, and enterprises, hi-tech firms in Ukraine and abroad.

At the Faculty, students’ life is rich in interesting events, including meetings with famous persons, annual “Physicist’s Day”, contests such as “Mr. and Miss of the Faculty”, amateur performances etc. Our students have the youth club “Planet”, sports grounds, Internet and LAN. There are several students’ organizations at the Faculty, such as the Students’ Parliament, the Scientific Society of Students and Postgraduate Students, the Students’ Club of Physical Faculty.