Atomic force microscopy lab

Atomic force microscope Integra Prima Basic was purchased in 2007 and has been operating since in room 140 of the Physical Faculty as an equipment for scientific community usage.


Associate professor of the department of optics Sergii Kondratenko is a chief equipment supervisor.

Atomic force microscope Integra Prima Basic is designed for the surface study of nanoscale objects deposited on a solid substrate. Typical samples may include dielectrics, metals, semiconductors, surfaces of CD/DVD discs, DNK molecules, polymers, thin organic films etc.


The measurements are conducted at room temperature. Spatial resolution in vertical direction reaches 0.05nm, in horizontal plane it’s limited to 10nm. The maximum size of the picture that can be obtained during experiments is 10x10mkm. Although typical pictures are 1x1mkm in size. A single measurement duration usually does not exceed 5-10 minutes.

The microscope allows to measure contact potential difference, capacitance, and Volt-Amper characteristics of nano-objects.


The set-up includes an optical microscope which allows us to capture an image with spatial resolution of 1mkm.

The complete list of atomic force microscope features is available on the vendor website
The requirements regarding the quality of the samples to be measured are:

Size requirements

  • Max width – 10mm
  • Max length 40mm
  • Max heights – 10mm

Surface roughness of the sample must not exceed 1 mkm.
Nanoobjects must be a part of the substrate.
Maximal sample weight is 50 g.

The samples that need to be measured are accepted in room 140 of Physical faculty between 10 to 11 am from Monday to Friday.