Stanislav I. Vilchynskyy

Date of Birth:

March 27, 1964

Education and degrees:

higher education: Kyiv university, 1990
Candidate of sciences (Ph.D.): Kyiv university, 1993
Doctor of sciences (Ph.D.): Kyiv university, 2003


head of chair

E-mail address:

Area of research:

theory of condensed state, relativistic superfluidity theory

Number of scientific papers:

about 40

Selected publications:
  1. Vilchynskyy S.I. (1994) First, second, and fourth sound in relativistic superfluidity theory with dissipation. ( JETP, v. 106, (5) , p. 1430-1435).
  2. Vilchinsky S.I., Fomin P.I. (1995) On types of vortices in relativistic superfluid systems. ( Physica A 217, v.217, p.75-87).
  3. Vilchynskyy S.I., Fomin P.I. (1996) Vortex dynamics of a solution of two superfluid liquids. (JETP, v.110 , 5(11), p.1866-1872).
  4. Vilchynskyy S.I., Pashitsky E.A. , Fomin P.I. (1997) On pair-wise character of superfluid condensate in helium-II. (Low Temperature Physics, v.23, N12, p.1267-1271).
  5. Vilchynskyy S.I. (1999) Relativistic Hydrodynamics of Superfluid Two-Condensate System. (Physica Scripta, v.60, p.63-68)
  6. Pashitskij E.A., Vilchynskyy S.I. (2001) Structure of the superfluid component and spectrum of elementaryexcitations in the quantum Bose liquid He-4 (Low Temperature Physics , v.27, N3, p.185-195)
  7. Pashitskij E. A., Mashkevich S.V., Vilchynskyy S.I. (2002) Superfluid Bose Liquid with s Suppressed BEC and an Intensive Pair Coherent Condesate as a Model of 4He. ( Physical Review Letters. -V.89, 7. p. 075301-1 - 075301-4)
  8. Pashitskij E.A., Mashkevich S.V., Vilchynskyy S.I. (2004) About Structure of Superfluid State and Quasiparticle Spectrum in a Bose Liquid with Suppressed Bose-Eistein Condensate. Journal Low Temp.Phys.,will be published in v.134, N3/4, 2004.